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Conscious Collaboration.

Time & Money Freedom.

Holistic Wellness.

Global Impact.

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A Life Liberator Raising A Revolution.

Hey! Thanks for popping over.

I'm Pia Scade... your every day Aussie Gal, Doco addict, Mama to one cheeky (and gorgeous) toddler and unapologetic Change Agent living boldly and impacting globally.

On a mission to change the face of female entrepreneurship across the world through guiding influential women to vital health, meaningful connection, soulful collaboration, and collective abundance. Something I know we all inherently deserve.

I say a HELL YEAH to... Time. Impact. Money. Wellness. Options. Fun. Every. Single. Day.

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What does she do?

I Liberate Female Influencers From The Entrepreneurial Rat Race.

So that they can live life on their terms by escaping the daily grind. 

So many of us women start our own gig for the freedom we hope it will bring. No-one to answer to. Spending our time building our dreams (instead of someone else's). Bigger income capacity. More space to breathe.

Only problem is that there's a tonne more responsibility, we can't take time off, there's way more stress, we feel isolated, often very little money, our health suffers and we've simply created another job for ourself. A job that we can never escape from.

I show heart fuelled influencers & entrepreneurs another way, step by step. One that leads to the epic vitality, lasting legacy and forever freedom we're all inherently worthy of.

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Who does she COLLAB with?

Kickass Game Changers Hungry For Impact.

Impact in their own life. Impact in the lives around them. Impact across the globe.

I collaborate with influential women who are:

1. Starting out on their entrepreneurial journey and want to join forces with a squad of soul sisters who'll bring out the best in you, kick your ass to greatness in biz and life, laugh and cry with you, rock epic health with you, make unlimited income with you, go on crazy adventures with you and never ever fucking give up on you.

2. Done with the Entrepreneurial Rat Race and ready to do business smarter, instead of working harder.

We're turned on to the max when it comes to creating time freedom for ourselves and others while changing the face of wellness, abundance and community for women and their families across the planet.

Down to earth, positive, passionate, genuine, goal digging agents of change who love to have fun, are my people. And collectively we stand for and live by setting new standards, saying no to the status quo and wholeheartedly being even better than we were yesterday.

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What is The Secret Soul Squad?

It's exclusive and well, a secret... shhhh!!!

Don't tell everyone! ;)

What I can tell you is that we are a tight knit and exponentially expanding tribe of consciously collaborating, vibrantly well, fun loving, audaciously bold, hungry for change, generously welcoming women.

We are united in our commitment to each other, impeccable health & vitality, improving life for others, pushing through our limits, smashing our goals, growing every day, speaking our deep soul truths, sharing our gifts freely and leaving a wildly meaningful legacy.

Freedom is what we firmly stand for.

The freedom to live every day with the time to do as we choose and the money & health to make that choice a reality. The freedom to give back in ways that mean something to us. The freedom to make love, fun, adventure, laughter, ease and expansion an every day exhileration.  

We're living proof it's possible and let me tell you Gal, it's all so damn worth it...

It’s your time now, for you have all the genius, courage & tenacity you need to hunt down your desires with fierce, relentless integrity to your soul’s deepest calling.
— Pia Scade