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Conscious Collaboration.

Time & Money Freedom.

Business Mentoring.

Global Impact.

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A Life Liberator Raising A Revolution.

Hey! Thanks for popping over.

I'm Pia Scade...  an every day Aussie Gal, travel junkie, Mama to one cheeky (but gorgeous) toddler and unapologetic Change Agent.

On a mission to alter the face of female business, entrepreneurship and freedom across the world…

I say a big fat HELL YEAH to... Time. Impact. Money. Wellness. Adventure. Options. Fun. Every. Single. Day. 

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What does she do?

I provide women with a lucrative, supportive, impactful, ‘ready-to-go’ business. 

And then mentor them to build it and create weekly recurring income so that they have the time, money and heart space to focus on living their passions and purpose on the daily.

Something I know we all inherently want and deserve.

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Who does she COLLAB with?

Kickass Game Changers Hungry For Impact.

Impact in their own life. Impact in the lives around them. Impact across the globe.

I co-create and partner with entrepreneurial, committed, heart-fuelled women who are ready to do life and business smarter, instead of working harder.

Down to earth, positive, passionate, genuine, goal digging change agents who prioritise fun and are turned on to the max when it comes to freedom, are my people.

And collectively we stand for and live by setting new standards, saying no to the status quo and liberating lives everywhere.

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What is The Secret Soul Squad?

It's exclusive and a not so well kept secret... shhhh!!!

An exponentially expanding community of consciously collaborating, vibrantly well, audaciously bold, wildly fun, generously welcoming women, is one way to describe it.

The Squad members ‘work’ together in a rewarding business that impacts lives and generates recurring income. This leverages our time so that we can choose more of what we want every day.

Each of us succeeds when another woman succeeds and we’re wholeheartedly committed to helping each other create our own version of freedom.

The kind of freedom that makes love, fun, adventure, laughter, ease and expansion an every day exhilaration.

When women are truly free to live and give…
we’re an unstoppable force for great and
the world is a far better place.
— Pia Scade