female influencers:

Say whaaaat? In other words, women committed to action, results, impact, health and freedom. 

The doers, the achievers, the action takers.

The ones willing to get uncomfortable, speak their truth, live their purpose, grow no matter what and help liberate other women’s lives in the process.

Fulfilling their greatest soul cravings is non-negotiable to our Collaborators.

Typically we're women who are:

1.     DONE with struggling in business or a soul destroying job.

2.    HUNGRY for change and willing do the work.

3.    READY to empower others and earn the residual income we deserve.

HELL YES, we’re open to new ways of doing things, pumped to help others succeed, committed to growing ourselves consistently and damn excited to be a part of an uplifting supportive, kick ass squad of change catalysts.

Our collaborators are liberation lovers who stand for and live by honesty, solidarity and never ever fucking giving up (on our dreams or each other).

Together we are raising a revolution, mobilising a movement and we are a magnificent force to be reckoned with.

Join us here or watch us. Either way, we honour and adore you.

Pia xxx