here's the lowdown:

I live in Brisbane, Australia and feel most free when I'm travelling and making a difference. 

The thrill of coming face to face with a Great White shark in South Africa.

The exhilaration of mentoring a woman to own her worth and create an income that helps her do more of what she loves.

The buzz of sneaking into an Austrian palace and being treated like royalty.

The joy of looking into the eyes of an orphaned Ugandan child and holding them in a loving embrace.

The overwhelm of being swarmed by the “blonde obsessed paparazzi” in China.

To create the means to set me free, I've invested in a bunch of things and started countless online businesses that have all lead me to here. 

Since I was a kid I've voiced my strong sense of justice and freedom, which is why I studied Criminology and Behavioural Science.

Picture this:

Studying 4 whole years to be sent 2 shiny pieces of paper in the mail, getting your absolute 'dream' government job straight out of Uni which was next to 'impossible', working your ass off for a couple of years in said job and then losing your mind in a quarter life crisis at 25 because you feel completely lost, unfulfilled and have sweet FA ideas on what to do. 

Yep, that was me.

I worked with children who had committed offences in Children's Court and restorative mediation. The job itself was rewarding and I cared for the kids. But I knew in the darkest depth of my soul that for me there was more to life that working 9-5 Monday to Friday week after week, year after year. 

I wanted so much more.

I wanted to explore every corner of the globe.

I wanted to really, deeply connect with people and know what makes their heart sing. 

I wanted to make a mark on this planet and help people see how truly powerful and capable they are.

And I realised that:

I am wholeheartedly committed to working with women who are laser focused on working with what they've got to make their own life and countless thousands of others PHENOMENAL.

I am devoted to collaborating with powerhouse babes who embody their infinite worth, believe in true health, conscious collaboration, freedom for everyone and are a force for heart centred leadership, love and legacy.

So I set off.

On a journey of travel and entrepreneurship. 

Through years of success & failure with multiple businesses, burning my health into the ground and literally begging for an answer to turn it all around, the perfect solution arrived.

Conscious Collaboration.

And since then I revolutionised my health, generated a healthy residual income and escaped the Entrepreneurial Rat Race. This means I've been able to be at home with my son every day (absolutely priceless!). I've also built a tribe of 750+ people who have committed to improve their health and I'm epically excited to have kicked off a brand new conscious collaboration with likeminded, influential women who are ready to create vibrant vitality and the time to do exactly what they want every single day.

The Secret Soul Squad.

It exists to give you and I a home, a community and an opportunity to earn a lucrative income to live out our most inspired vision and deepest soul cravings. 

And it all starts with you & I. Together we will impact the world and revolutionise the face of freedom for women and their families everywhere. We can't do it without one another. 

And I assure you, it's shaping up to be one helluva crazy, abundant, fun, adventurous year.

So what will you create in 2017?

Cutting down your work hours so you can focus on your loved ones and passion projects? Removing yourself from the Entrepreneurial Rat Race altogether so you can focus on your life's burning mission? Impacting hundreds more lives with the gift of recurring income and freedom? Travelling the globe seeing all the places on your bucket list with your besties?

Are you ready?

I've never been more excited about what's coming for us all than RIGHT NOW.

Cheering us all on to live free,

Pia xxx