Ok, let's roll.

For all the women who are waking up to their inherent worth.

For all the women who are ready to act on their soul’s whispers.

For all the women who are over striving and up for thriving.

For all the women who are committed to bringing their dreams to life.

For all the women who refuse to struggle (with time, money or fulfilment) in business a moment longer.

For all the women who are a mega ‘HELL YES’ to other women’s liberation.

For all the women who know there has to be a smarter way.

For all the women who are creating a NEW NORMAL.

Despite the unknown. But with a cheer squad at every step.

YOU are so damn magnificent and The Secret Soul Squad exists in YOUR honour because…

Those drives to act, inspired visions and gentle nudges you sense are no accident. They’re divine messages from Source.

Leading you to joy and fulfilment. Even if they don’t make sense or seem ‘practical’.

(And you’re 100% capable of bringing them to life. Or they wouldn’t have been gifted to YOU.)

Yet I get that you need the money, the time, the energy and the support to bring them forth into real, physical manifestations.

That is the primary reason The Secret Soul Squad exists.

To help, guide and support you to build a lucrative freedom business and in turn to liberate your life.

To make your inspirations REAL.

Because I know that when we women are lit up, consciously creating, choosing joy and united in love… we’re an unstoppable force for great and the world is a far better place.

I believe with every ounce of me that THIS is the reason we ALL exist.

More adventure. More expansion. More awe. More fulfilment. More appreciation. MORE LOVE.

And when we get to experience this kind of existence with other kind, down to earth, soul centered, authentic, passionate, action taking, self motivated, fun, generous women… life becomes some kind of MAGIC.

And that’s a charmed ride I’m all in for. How about you?

Pia xxx