The Secret Soul Squad. 

Shhhh!!! Only tell all the incredible women you know...

It’s an exclusive collective of influential co-creators on a mission to provide 100,000+ women globally with a vehicle to build their own lucrative, impactful, liberating freedom businesses.

Some call it a revolution. A movement. A tribe. A community. A sisterhood. 

It’s all of that and so much more.

It’s about conscious collaboration and partnership. With one another. And with Isagenix- the world class wellness company.

Each of us within the Squad is provided the platform, tools, products, training and support to build our own lucrative freedom business that changes lives and generates a weekly recurring income.

The Squad is unified in the common mission of freedom for ourselves and others:

  • MONEY FREEDOM to clothe us, feed us, house us, transport us and provide the materials, connections and resources we need to do what we want with our time (on any scale we choose).

  • TIME FREEDOM to spend our days adventuring with our loved ones and chasing our wild, audacious or humble, minimalist dreams.

  • HEALTH FREEDOM to feel inspired, energised, strong and radiant from the inside out.

  • LEGACY FREEDOM to make a difference and impact others in ways that are fulfilling and meaningful to us. 

Another's win is our win. We raise each other up. We laugh and cry together.

We teach each other. We learn together. We communicate openly. We inspire positivity and possibility everywhere we go.

We are better together.

We came here on this epic planet to expand, explore and experience.

And that, my beautiful friends is what we in The Secret Soul Squad are ultimately doing. And we're doing it with sass I tell ya!

If you want in, click here and tune into our masterclass to learn more about you, I and The Secret Soul Squad can co-create freedom. 

We are all so pumped to meet you,

Pia xxx